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CHIJ OLGC- Name Tag        (5 pieces per pack)

CHIJ OLGC- Name Tag (5 pieces per pack)


Information for name tags


1. The name reflected on your child's name tags must be part of her statutory name (refer to birth certificate/passport/deed poll)

2. All name characters are required in capital letters.

3. Maximum 15 characters inclusive of space.

4. Name tags will be sent to the School for collection.

5. Estimated delivery will take 3 to 4 weeks, P1 2024 will receive the nametags in January (if ordered before deadline)

6. 5 pieces per pack

7. Please ensure all fields are accurate.

8. Please ensure that the correct name tag colour is ordered

9. The vendor will not be held responsible for any error in spelling or wrong colour selection by the parents.

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