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SACPS - Pinafore

SACPS - Pinafore

PriceFrom S$13.50

Delivery charges (applicable to home delivery):


Below $80 purchase : Flat rate $8 per trip
$81 - $150 purchase : Flat rate $12 per trip
$151 purchase above : Flat rate $15 per trip

  • SAC Pinafore Size Spec

    Pinafore Size Chart in Inches

    SACPS - PE Shorts (In Inches, full round)

    *Measurement is based on the garment, not the body*

    *Measurement is one round of the garment lying flat or waistband before stretch*

    *Recommended to measure any tee/shorts that your child is comfortable wearing and compare against the size chart*

    Size Length
    24 24
    26 26
    28 28
    30 30
    32 32
    34 34
    36 36
    38 38
    40 40
    42 42


  • Care Guide and Washing Instructions

    Pre-wash the garment in warm water

    Wash (max 40  C) before use, to eliminate contact of remnant dyes with perspiration.

    Sort laundry by color and weight

    Wash dark colors and non-colourfast items separately. Do not wash heavyweight fabrics with lightweight fabrics.

    Launder very dirty uniforms

    Wash it immediately after use. 

    Do not leave damp uniforms together

    Wash it immediately after use. 

    Empty pockets before washing

    Clear your garment pockets and wash your uniform inside out. 

    Do not use bleach

    Avoid washing your garments with detergent containing bleach (inclusive of the white blouse)

    Do not tumble dry

    This results in uncontrolled shrinkage or distortion of the uniforms.

    Do not use high-temperature settings

    Avoid high temperature on washing.

    Do not spin at high speed

    This can distort uniforms.

    Store uniforms away from sunlight

    This is to prevent fading or discoloration.

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